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So, you’re ready to sell your land! Selling your land is a big decision – and who you choose to list your property is an important consideration. The right land broker will not only help you obtain a top price for your property but will also facilitate a smooth transaction.

If you want a broker who will not waste your time, congratulations! Your search ends here. I’m probably different from most agents you know. I don’t dazzle people with empty salesmanship. I just help them by knowing my business and doing the right thing. You know that great feeling you get when everything goes just the way it should? Get used to it. That’s exactly what I deliver.


Listing with me, you are actually listing with one of the nation’s top agents, recognized by the Wall Street Journal for the number of transactions closed annually: 100-150 LAND-only listings sold every year … That’s more than most agents will sell over an entire career!

I am genuinely passionate about marketing my clients’ properties effectively. From setting the right target price to generating interest and excitement, I know how to get your property seen by as many eyes as possible. I’ll make your land look extraordinarily enticing!


More eyes generate more interest … and more interest means better prices and more money in your pocket.

POWELL Real Estate’s land marketing attracts hundreds of prospective land buyers EVERY MONTH ! Here’s how it works :

  • First, I ensure quality photography to tastefully represent each property. In addition to being a real estate broker, I’m also a private pilot (and properly licensed by the FAA for commercial drone operation). I aim to get amazing aerial images of my property listings whenever conditions allow. Post-production work is then done to visually showcase the most appealing features of each property.
  • Approximately 92% of real estate searches start online, which is why countless hours and resources are dedicated to making sure your property will be seen by thousands of interested buyers. You’ll benefit from premium advertising placement on the key land portals, not limited to the local market area, but giving you a strong presence on an array of national and regional land specialty sites. I am extending purchase opportunities to prospective buyers the world over.
  • You need a listing broker who is well-connected with the target audience for your property. A good listing agent knows how to aggressively market your property to the right set of buyers. Here’s a little secret for you …

About you and your property …

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    POWELL Real Estate maintains an expansive database with THOUSANDS of prospective buyers looking for land. These people provide details about:

    • What type of property they want
    • What size
    • What location
    • What price range

    They have asked me to follow up when the right listing becomes available. Many are READY TO BUY NOW ! This is a proven method of identifying and matching people directly with information about your land.

    With a few keystrokes, I can extract a list of buyers interested in properties like yours. This enables me to be immediately proactive in communicating photos, maps, and details about your property. Effective marketing and follow-up like this often produces multiple interested buyers, so it becomes easier to get that good price you want !

    POWELL Real Estate only accepts 12-month listing terms, because land generally takes longer to sell than homes. Happily, even so, my listings often sell sooner than those of other agents. I have a proven track record of selling near 95% of my listed properties. Expired unsold listings are rare. My goal is to sell your property for the highest possible price in the least amount of time.


    Do you want your property listing to be the side-dressing for an agent who would rather be selling homes ? Of course not. You want selling land, especially your land, to be the main focus of your listing broker !

    A land specialist knows there are differences between between selling unimproved properties and other types of real estate. They’re experienced in this field and may have spent decades developing a market for land like yours. Selling vacant land can also present challenges that demand specific knowledge and expertise. Someone who understands land has better insight to head-off potential issues in advance — issues that, if not identified and handled, could later cost you money and stress.

    Your agent’s experience and track record are crucial factors to consider before listing your property. You should use a broker who is primarily working sales in the land market and has a reputation for true professionalism. POWELL Real Estate has established a rock solid reputation for land transactions. When you entrust the sale of your land to me, you are able to tap into a network of experts in land marketing, including sometimes hard-to-get land financing and title professionals who have a “get it done” attitude !


    Your buyers are out there looking for property like yours. Connect with them now. I’ll help you do just that !

    Got more questions about selling your land ? Contact me using the simple form on this page no obligation or you can call me at 281-379-2000.

    • “I feel after your first conversation, you will be happy you did.” Jack BARNUM
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