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THANK YOU for selling our acreage property. Before we listed with you, we tried another agent who was more local to the area.  We expected the agent would be able to handle hard-to-sell vacant property.

Your marketing postcards kept us curious, and I’m so glad we trusted your professional guidance as our Listing Broker.  You performed EXACTLY as you said ~ you represented us effectively, made it easy, and delivered a FULL-price contract within only days !

Thanks for taking care of our business, Rodney ~ you’re the land specialist I can recommend for selling unimproved property !

Dr. Eli JONES, Professor and Dean, Mays Business School – Texas A&M University

Chenango Ranch ~ BRAZORIA County TX

Rodney, thank you for your thoroughness and professionalism in selling that lot for my mother.

The fact that I am in San Antonio, and the lot was located in Houston, had its inherent challenges.  From the outset, you asked all the right questions; and assured me all would go well; and it did.

As a military man of over 24 years; it is refreshing to work with someone who honors their word and is committed to seeing the job done correctly.

Continued success as you expand your business and God’s blessings.

Marshall BEST, USMA 1974 Col, USA ( retired )

Sunnyside ~ HARRIS County TX

My experience in selling a piece of land / empty real estate with Rodney POWELL was wonderful !

After several earlier attempts to sell this land, Rodney got my attention from an email sent to me !

He was sincere, honest and right on with his evaluation of the value of the land, the market conditions, and was an aggressive and successful agent !

I trusted him, and that trust was rewarded with honesty, candor, truth in what he said, and a successful sale !  This was a real pleasurable experience !!

If needed, I will ask him to help us again with any real estate needs, and will trust him explicitly !!  I can recommend him without hesitation to anyone needing real estate services & help !!

Thanks Again,

Gerald (Jerry) Griffin, MD – Brig Gen, USMC, USA ( Retired )

Rivermont ~ COMAL County TX

Accurate, swift, and dedicated. Rodney sold my property at the right time for the amount he said he could.

I’d trust him with any land deal.


Saddle Creek Forest ~ GRIMES County TX

My husband and I used Rodney POWELL when we decided to sell our property in Spring. Have to say, Rodney has a unique approach to selling ‑‑ and IT WORKS !  Our property was sold and closed within one month !

Thanks Rodney for a super job !


Tomball ~ HARRIS County TX

This was my first experience with Rodney POWELL and, rest assured, it won’t be my last.

I was introduced to Mr. POWELL through his unique marketing.  I had a piece of property in a rural subdivision in Willis TX.  …

Rodney was able to sell my property in a fast and profitable manner.  My property sold for much greater than I expected, and quite fast.

I would highly recommend Rodney POWELL for handling the sale or purchase of property, as he is professional, expeditious, and turned a nice profit for me.  He is a great man ( personally and professionally ) and serious about his business.


Emerald Lakes ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

I received a postcard from Rodney regarding a hard-to-sell property I had been sitting on for seven years. As a business owner, myself, I was skeptical.

After our first call, I found Rodney well-informed on real estate in the area I was trying to sell.

His database of clients looking for buyers and sellers helped me close on my property within 6 to 8 weeks of our first conversation.

I would recommend giving Rodney a shot to work with you.  I feel after your first conversation, you will be happy you did.


Saddle Creek Forest ~ WALLER County TX

We struggled for years to sell a piece of property we owned. In a last-ditch effort, we responded to a flyer we received in the mail from Rodney POWELL.

From the very first phone conversation, it was clear he was extremely knowledgeable about the market and what it would take to sell our property.  Rodney brought refreshing insight to light that made us very comfortable working with him and knowing we would be able to sell our property if we followed his recommendations.

He is super-easy to work with and not a pushy salesperson.  He knows the market well and tells you like it is.  I highly recommend his services and hope to have the pleasure of working with him again.

Wyatt & Carrie DiVALL

Wildwood Shores ~ WALKER County TX

My wife and I attempted to sell a parcel of land near Magnolia for several years with no success whatsoever. Having gone through three separate Realtors, we were obviously disappointed with the results.

After contacting Rodney, the first thing that were were impressed with ( besides his easy-going and friendly manner ) was his deep knowledge of the local real estate market.

The other agents had asked us what WE wanted to sell the land for; Rodney, however gave us an honest assessment as to where the land should be priced in order to sell it.

What a difference that bit of solid advice made !  The result was that the land sold quickly and very near our asking price.

If you are looking for a Realtor who will actually produce results, Rodney is your guy !

Dan & Joleen NORCINI

Crown Ranch ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

Transaction. Seamless & thank you !

Dear Rodney,

I can’t thank you enough for the professionalism and personal care that you took with my land transaction. Selling raw land can be tricky. You made it seamless and stressless. I always knew what to expect because of your clear & concise communication. I felt comfortable from day 1 turning over the sale of my land to you. You came across as what you embody: confident and knowledgeable of this type of work.

Thank you so much,

Very sincerely,


Dr. Ingrid VAN DUYNE

Swiss Village ~ BURNET County TX

I’m so glad we lucked out, finding a great Realtor to sell our Texas property ! I was three states away and wasn’t sure where to turn.

Rodney was professional, personable, and explained things very thoroughly.  I felt he had our best interest in mind and was really working for us.

Our property was sold quite quickly and, surprisingly, for more than it had been listed.

Rodney helped us understand every step of the process, including the challenges presented with being in another state.  I would definitely recommend Rodney POWELL to anyone looking for a trustworthy, thorough Realtor.


Deer Forest ~ BURLESON County TX

Rodney was great to work with. He priced our property correctly, located a serious buyer quickly, and made the closing flawless.

Rodney took care of all the details.  All we had to do was sign some forms, email them back to the closer, and received our check in the mail shortly thereafter.

I have worked with many Realtors over the past fifty years, and Rodney impressed me because he told me what he could do with the property, then did it !  I like results without any hassle or back-tracking.

Thanks Rodney.


Highland Heights ~ HARRIS County TX

Rodney POWELL was contacted to sell our lots in Saddle Creek Forest after listing them for roughly nine months ( * with another broker ) with little or no activity.

Within five weeks of listing with the POWELL agency, we had a contract on our property and it was sold.

We are extremely pleased with his performance, which was further reinforced by the closing agent who described Rodney as “the best in the business.”  We give him the highest recommendation.


Saddle Creek Forest ~ WALLER County TX

What can you say when the job is done, but “thank you” ? When a job is difficult and has a lot of curves, surprises, and setbacks … and the job still gets done;  there should be a special word, like “exceptional” !  That is the word I would use for Rodney POWELL.

My brother died.  The property had been in the hands of three other real estate agents in the past ten years.  I was half-way across the country and about to give up.

A recommendation from a trusted local suggested that I call Rodney ‑‑ “He can do the impossible.”  The “impossible” he did.  The property was sold within six months.

The paperwork was difficult, but he persevered at my pace and my price.  You could ask nothing more in the way of service and a job that is exceptional;  thank you Mr. POWELL.


Cleveland ~ LIBERTY County TX

In our opinion, Rodney POWELL is the best in the business when it comes to selling lots and undeveloped landit is his specialty.

We owned a lot in Bentwater that we listed with various Realtors over a period of several years and had no success whatsoever selling the property.

We contacted Rodney, listed the property with him, and we had a buyer within a few weeks.

If you have property to sell, we highly recommend Rodney POWELL

Chuck & TyAnn DONNER

Bentwater ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

We received a very unusual postcard in the mail that caught our attention. We thought a very unique individual would have probably sent it, and we were right !  We had the pleasure of contacting Rodney POWELL, who assured us that he could sell our property in Saddle Creek.

Within 30 days, we had an offer ( FULL price ), accepted it and closed our transaction.

Should we ever require real estate services again, I would not hesitate to contact Mr. POWELL.  He is professional, courteous, trustworthy ‑‑ and, best of all, kept us informed of everything that was happening with our sale !

Michael & Paula PIECYK

Saddle Creek Forest ~ WALLER County TX

Do you want your property SOLD ? … choose Rodney POWELL … he will work for you !

I had a property listed with a “local agent” for over a year … no sales.

Within months, Rodney sold my property.  That is positive results.

Kenneth MAYS

King Oaks ~ GRIMES County TX

Hello Rodney …

We want to thank you for all you have done to bring about a fast and smooth sale of your land in Mystic Shores.  We’re especially pleased that it sold for our asking price !

This lot was listed with several agents over the past few years with no results.  We had taken it off the market until we received your letter stating you were looking to list land in Mystic Shores.  Clark and I are so happy we trusted your ability to bring about this sale !

Thanks Again

Clark & Jesalyn STANTON

Mystic Shores ~ COMAL County TX

It was a real pleasure working with Rodney. He is a straight-shooter that you can trust.  He does what he says he is going to do.

His prediction on how long it would take to sell the property, and what the final price would be, was very accurate.

I would recommend Rodney and his team to anyone trying to sell their property.


Whitewater Springs ~ BURNET County TX

To potential clients of Rodney POWELL :

My wife and I consider ourselves fortunate to have contracted with Rodney POWELL to sell our property in Saddle Creek Forest.

Rodney explained the process to us very well and provided excellent, professional service throughout the complete process ( only 44 days between contracting with Rodney and the closing ).  I don’t think the process could have been completed any easier or quicker.

Again, thank you Rodney for your great help and excellent service.

Kenneth ODOM

Saddle Creek Forest ~ WALLER County TX

If you have a lot to sell, I highly recommend Rodney POWELL.

My previous Realtor tried to sell my lot for 1 year with no success. Rodney sold my lot.  The difference is Rodney SPECIALIZES in selling lots.

Rodney took aerial photographs of my lot from a drone. The aerial photos are what sold my lot because my lot is next to a private lake and shows well in the aerial photos.

In addition to the listing, Rodney did marketing for my lot.

Rodney is a pleasure to work with.

Gary GEE

Grand Harbor ~ MONTGOMERY County TX


As we discussed when I first talked to you about listing our lot between Galveston and Surfside Texas from your office in Tomball Texas ‑‑  I was skeptical about you being able to do it from that far away, because I already had listed with three companies from the area where the lot was located and NONE had sold it … nor really gave a reason why.

You seemed so confident that you could do it … I felt comfortable with you and signed-up.

Then, less than a week later, you called and said you had an offer … and a couple of days later another offer … and acceptance   You had the lot sold !! … for MORE money than the others had tried.

Closing was a breeze and went very smooth also.

I cannot tell you how enjoyable you made the experience of selling out lot – and thank you so much for that.  Wish I had a couple more to sell.

Thanks again Rodney


Lazy Palms ~ Freeport TX


We received the proceeds of the sale in our account this week.  Thank you for your assistance in making that happen.  You did in four months what we previously tried to do for several years.  …

I’ll be sure to give your name to anyone I know that’s looking to buy or sell land.

All the Best

Jonathan JEHN

Mystic Shores ~ COMAL County TX

Mr. Powell,

Thank you for your outstanding service in the sale of our property. Your clear and consistent communication with us led to a sale within 4 weeks of our initial contact with you.

We agree with your other clients: you have an uncanny ability for finding buyers for unimproved properties. Great job! Your commission is well earned.


Grayson and Tamara SOUKUP

Stallion Estates ~ COMAL County TX

I received a pamphlet in the mail from Rodney, inquiring about selling my land in Texas. I was skeptical at first, because I live out-of-state, in California.  I decided to list my property with him after I read some reviews.

I received an offer within a week and the transaction was smooth and quick, with no stress.

Rodney is the man.”

Francisco MITCHELL

Hidden Springs ~ BELL County TX

Rodney’s knowledge about the market condition is excellent. I am very satisfied with the price he suggested on my properties.  Rodney is a very trustworthy real estate advisor.

Even from a long distance, the transaction was a breeze from start to finish.  I highly recommend Rodney, who completed the sale so easily and in a very short time.

Thank you Rodney

Edwin PEL

Walden ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

I had some challenging lots in Harris County that I was trying to sell for a trust I was managing. Over a period of a few years, I tried several times listing with the local newspapers for a month each time … Craigslist, and then used two different Houston-area Realtors without success.

It was very frustrating to not have any serious offers.  Then, I responded to one of Rodney’s fliers.  Within a few months, Rodney succeeded in finding buyers and the lots were sold.

I will certainly recommend that Rodney POWELL is the man to call for help selling property !

Penny F.

Houston ~ HARRIS County TX

After my family agreed to sell the family property in Brookshire, our next step was to find a Realtor. There were many postings of Realtors in the area, so I called the first one on the list ‑‑ it was Mr. POWELL who answered.

His voice soothed my fears of not knowing what to do.  After our conversation, I felt assured that he was the right person to handle what we needed.

I thank Mr. POWELL for his promptness in handling all my family needs and his sensitivity about the property ‑‑ he found the best fit for all.

Special thank you to Mr. POWELL

Gwen PARKER & Family

Brookshire ~ WALLER County TX

Are you looking for a real estate agent ?

I was in a world of hurt when I inherited some land from my parents.  I ended up maintaining the property ( … clean-up of the weeds and debris ) and paying taxes on land that wasn’t returning any income.  Needless to say, that property was a drag on my finances.  To make things worse, the land was located in a depressed geographic area.

On the day my agreement expired with another real estate person, Rodney’s flyer came in the mail.  I took a chance and gave him a call.  He was understanding, comforting, and very professional.

What really surprised me about Mr. POWELL is his determination, drive, and most of all, his efficiency.  I’ve had many business dealings in my life being a manager, but Mr. POWELL puts all to shame with his dynamic performance.

When a seller was interested, Mr. POWELL was telling me everything I needed to do.  He checked-in with me and kept me on a tight schedule.  He moved heaven and earth to help me sell my land.  As a result, my property sold for a nice price !

I would recommend Rodney POWELL to any- and everyone who needs a real estate person.

Thanks Rodney !  You’re the BEST !

Jacquelyn CALDERON

Houston & La Marque ~ HARRIS & GALVESTON County TX

POWELL recently sold some Liberty County land for my wife and I. I learned about him from an advertising postcard that he sent by mail.  I must admit that I was reluctant at first to do business with someone who I had never met or heard of.

Rodney POWELL was a God-send for us.  Mr. POWELL was VERY professional, kind, and pleasant to work with.  I was very impressed that he sold the land for the listed price.

I highly recommend Mr. POWELL if you need to sell land.  Thank you Rodney POWELL !

Johnny & Lisa GAIDOSEK

Walnut Creek ~ LIBERTY County TX

Rodney was very knowledgeable and courteous. We had been wondering how to go about selling our vacant property at Mystic Shores. He advised us on the process, and we decided to go with him. Documents were sent electronically. This greatly simplified the selling process. Within days, he was out viewing our property with a drone. He was taking pictures to post on his web page. He kept us informed throughout the entire process. Due to contract extensions, he negotiated an increase in the selling price, which was more than what we had anticipated. The whole process was stress-free ! We highly recommend Rodney for your real estate needs. He goes above and beyond what is expected to assist his clients.

Michael & Marissa COLE

Mystic Shores ~ COMAL County TX


We appreciated your efforts to bring us a buyer and close our transaction in a timely and efficient manner.

Even though your commission was high, the deal went very quickly with no snags.


The Village at High Meadow ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

My business association with POWELL Real Estate was fast, effortless, and financially worthwhile.

I can say that we were well pleased with the outcome and highly recommend him for future transactions.

Lloyd & Cecile PHILLIPS

Montgomery Trace ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

I am happy to report a positive experience with Rodney POWELL in the sale of two lots in northwest Houston.

He was accommodating and professional in his transactions and was pleasant to deal with.  He was attentive to the project until it was completed.

Antonio M. GOTTO, Jr., M.D.

Cape Conroe ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

Rodney POWELL has been a great Realtor and friend of mine for many years !

While buying and selling rural properties with Rodney, I have found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and ethical in all aspects of the sale.

He has always looked-out for my family’s best interests in every transaction.  There have never been any “surprises” at closings when we have dealt with Rodney.

I look forward to working with Rodney for many years to come.


Peach Creek Terrace ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

Rodney was very professional, courteous, and timely in returning phone calls and emails in the marketing and sale of our lot in Grand Lake Estates. I would use him again if I was going to sell or buy a lot.


Grand Lake Estates ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

After trying unsuccessfully to sell some lots on my own that I inherited from my father, I received a postcard in the mail from Rodney stating that he can help sell residential lots.

I gave him a call and, a short time later, ALL the lots were sold !

I was very pleased with his service  ‑‑  I even referred my sister to him to do the same

Shandra C-RAND, DDS

Houston ~ HARRIS County TX

I just sold my property effortlessly through POWELL Real Estate.

EVERYTHING from the initial phone call to closing was handled without any hassles.

The land was up for sale within a few days of contacting him and sold for a very good price in just a couple of weeks !

I highly recommend POWELL Real Estate when you are ready to sell your property !



Peach Creek Plantation ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

We had such a great experience working with you. Thanks for all you did to get the property sold :

I had a small property in the Lake Livingston area and had no luck selling it previously with other Realtors.  I received a business card in the mail from Rodney and decided to try selling again.

My experience with Rodney was excellent.  He was dedicated to me as the seller, and consistently communicated with me about the property.

Rodney sold the property in a matter of months, and made being a long-distance seller an easy process.

Going with Rodney works !


Magnolia Woods ~ POLK County TX

Words that came from my heart. Thank you for all you did :

My dealings with Rodney POWELL have been phenomenal.  He’s an extremely professional man of integrity.

Rodney worked with us for months to get us the best deal possible.  He is easy to talk to.  Rodney also gave us reasons why an offer wasn’t in our favor.  I appreciated and trust him.  We knew he was a man who had our best interests in mind.

I highly recommend Rodney POWELL ~ contact him today.

Louis & Ella NERVIS

Riverwood Estates ~ WALLER County TX

If you are looking for your dream property, look no further than asking Rodney POWELL to help. He’s an outstanding Realtor.

I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Rodney in finding the perfect property that was right for us.

His listing was professional ‑‑ pictures were outstanding.  He was honest and kept us informed all along the way through our purchase and closing.

Thanks Rodney – we just love our new purchase and can’t wait to build our dream home !!!

Ronnie & Leatrice DORRIS

Hempstead ~ WALLER County TX

My husband and I were introduced to Rodney POWELL by a mailing card selling real estate properties three years ago. At the time, we were undecided about what to do with our property.

The decision was made to sell the property this past year and, without any hesitation, Mr. POWELL was able to help.

Our experience was indeed without any headaches and the process was indeed a trusting encounter.  We highly recommend POWELL-RealEstate.com

Thank you Mr. POWELL for all your efforts

Josefina IBARRA

Saddle Creek Forest ~ WALLER County TX

Thank you for selling our property in Wildwood Shores. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Bill & Frances MORGAN

Wildwood Shores ~ WALKER County TX

My wife and I appreciate all you did to sell our property. The family who bought it are happy, and so are we.

Neat how, with the technology, we actually never met ‑‑ but it all got done.

Hope our paths cross again when we need to buy or sell real estate.  Thanks again.


Todd Mission ~ GRIMES County TX

Rodney we really appreciate your engagement in helping us sell our property located in Plantation Lakes. Although it was a long process, your dedication to a positive end result will keep us coming back should we require real estate services in the future.



Plantation Lakes ~ GRIMES County TX

POWELL helped us sell a five acre tract we owned for many years. He sold it in a short time, got us a fair price, and it went very smoothly on our part.

I would recommend Mr. POWELL to anyone looking to sell property.

Oliver PARR

Livingston ~ POLK County TX

Dear Rodney,

I just want to take a moment to thank you for all the help you provided my father in selling his property there in Huntsville.

As we live in California, it’s not always easy to oversee an out-of-state transaction; you made it very easy ‑‑ seamless in fact.

If I ever buy property in the Huntsville area, I will be sure to call on you.


Huntsville ~ WALKER County TX

Rodney POWELL is an excellent real estate agent, to say the least. He helped me sell my property that had seen a drastic price depreciation and a challenging community HOA board.

His knowledge of the area, marketing, network of people, and experience in the business are what got the property sold at a price that I couldn’t have done by myself.  I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Kyle P.

Suncreek Estates ~ BRAZORIA County TX

POWELL Real Estate is great ! We had three lots in Montgomery that we had been trying to sell for two years with other agents.  We met Rodney, signed a contract, and within forty-five days we had our lots sold.

He was awesome.  We will use him again when we need another agent !


Hidden Forest Estates ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

I recently had the thrill of finally getting rid of a millstone around my neck. It was a property purchased in the heyday of a real estate boom preceding the huge bust in 2008.  Located in the community of Waterwood Estates, on the banks of Lake Livingston, it once had a thriving golf course and marina.  The golf course subsequently went under, and the marina disappeared in a hurricane disaster years ago.  I was left with property that seemed unsalable.

I went through a couple of real estate offices before finally enlisting Rodney POWELL to market it.  Although I resigned myself to a sizeable loss, understandable under the circumstances, Rodney was able to find a buyer and it closed in a very agreeable manner earlier this year.

My thanks to Rodney and his office for their assistance in enabling an out-of-state owner to finally rid himself of this financial burden ‑‑ and close all ties with the great state of Texas !


Waterwood – Country Club Est ~ SAN JACINTO County TX

As the former owner of a lot in Bentwater, I was told by a real estate company ( RE/MAX ) that I would just about have to give away my lot to get out of the membership fees and taxes. These lots were just not selling.

After receiving that dismal information, I received a postcard from POWELL Real Estate, interested in locating a buyer for my lot.

Within a month I had an offer on the lot, which was more than I expectedWe closed the deal within two weeks and the rest is history.  As a matter of fact, Mr. POWELL is now showing me a 10 acre tract that may interest me.

Rodney POWELL is now my “One Stop Shop.”

Hector GOMEZ

Bentwater ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

We received a postcard from Rodney POWELL, indicating that his firm would be interested in assisting us in selling our Wildwood Shores lot if we ever decided to sell. As it turned out, we were in fact discussing the need to sell the lot since our retirement plans had changed and we did not have any intention of building on the lot.

We contacted Rodney by phone, gave him the lot information, and explained our situation and expectations.  Rodney was straightforward with us about the lot value, his fee, and the outlook for the sale of our particular lot.

To our ( and Rodney’s ) surprise, we had an offer within a couple of weeks and sold the lot without any issues.

It needs to be stated that we lost money on this investment ‑‑ that is just the way it is.  However, Rodney POWELL made the sale of our lot a painless process.  He did everything that he said he would do.

We handled all of the transactions by phone and electronic media, negating the need to drive the one‑hundred miles to his office for any reason.

We realize that we were fortunate to sell our lot in a short amount of time; but, we were also fortunate to be able to work with a person such as Rodney, that tells you the facts and then follows-through on his commitments to his customers.

If I ever need a real estate agent on the north side of Houston in the future, we will be in contact with POWELL Real Estate again.


Wildwood Shores ~ WALKER County TX

Rodney was very helpful with the sale of our land. He had our best interests throughout the entire process.

Rodney also has great knowledge on different properties and locations; if we were to purchase land again, he would be our first call.


Saddle Creek Forest ~ WALLER County TX

I was a motivated seller with acreage in the flood plain. Responded to the “alligator” flyer  ( great marketing ).  Rodney answered all my questions and assured us the flood plain was not an issue.

Within a month we went to closing for the original asking price.  Gail and I could not have been happier.

Rodney is thorough, attentive, and professional …


Clear Creek Forest ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

We had our property listed with another agent for over a year. Rodney helped us sell our property ‑‑ and really quick too.

Rodney is very professional and does what he says he is going to do.  I would highly recommend him.

Rick T.

Wildwood Shores ~ WALKER County TX

My wife and I decided to move and needed to sell a property we owned. I didn’t know who to call, but remembered receiving a postcard from some guy by the name of Rodney POWELLL, asking to sell my property.  I figured, “What the heck”, and gave him a call.  Within a couple of months, he had the property sold for me.

Thanks Rodney ‑‑ you rock !


Dayton ~ LIBERTY County TX

I would like to thank Rodney for his assistance in selling my property. I felt he offered integrity and sound advice in handling this matter.


The Island at Grand Harbor ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

I used Rodney POWELL, of POWELL Real Estate, to sell a lot of about four acres in the Sugar Hills subdivision just west of Livingston, Texas.

Lucky for me, a buyer came forth fairly soon and made an offer about $1,000 above the asking price.  I received a couple of other offers a bit less than the asking price, so the first offer was accepted.

Also lucky for me, the property was not on the market more than a couple of weeks before the first offer came in.  I would say that Rodney’s knowledge of the market was instrumental to my success in selling the property.


Livingston ~ POLK County TX

When my family decided to sell property we owned in Houston, we were not familiar with the real estate community in Texas. However, POWELL Real Estate found us an offer that would provide us with a profit.

In addition, Mr. POWELL connected us with a title company that helped address our problems related to transferring ownership.

Mr. POWELL’s responsiveness, services, and knowledge made what could have been a stressful situation as seamless a process as possible.


Houston ~ HARRIS County TX

I just wanted to thank you for all your work helping us to finally sell our lot in Wildwood Shores. Although the area is beautiful and our lot backed-up to the national forest, it just wasn’t in the cards for us to build and move there.

Maintaining the lot and paying fees became a strain, so we began trying to sell several years ago.  Although we had a few inquiries, no serious buyers made contact until we listed with you.

Thanks again for your tremendous efforts on our behalf.  I wish you much success with other sellers in Wildwood Shores.


Wildwood Shores ~ WALKER County TX

I chose Mr. POWELL to sell my land. I had never met Mr. POWELL but, when I talked to him, I knew without a doubt that I could trust him.

Mr. POWELL sold my property so fast that I could hardly believe it happened.  Every time I called him, he returned my call as soon as he could.

I would recommend Mr. POWELL to anyone who has property to sell.


Cleveland ~ SAN JACINTO County TX

Rodney came through for us. He made the whole process an easy one.

He has sold several properties for us.  He worked hard and put effort into all.

It was a pleasure dealing with him.

Louis & Faith ALVAREZ

Plantersville ~ GRIMES County TX

I would highly recommend using POWELL Real Estate for your needs. Rodney POWELL was always available to discuss and answer my questions and provide the experienced guidance that I needed to make the right decisions for the successful sale of my lot in Emerald Lakes.

Thanks Rodney for all your efforts.


Emerald Lakes ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

My business dealings with Rodney POWELL were very positive. He is honest, a Christian, very thorough, and hard-working.  In addition to these qualities, he gets the job done.

He would be my first choice always.


Tarkington ~ LIBERTY County TX

Thank you, Rodney, for your help selling my land in Houston.

I was hesitant at first to have someone, that I have not seen before, help me with this sale.  But, I felt at ease after talking to you, assuring me that it will work out.

I appreciate your help and would love to do business with you again.


Walden ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

If you want a trustworthy company to handle your business with NO WORRIES, go no further.

I stressed over taking-on the task of selling my property myself, and so it happened I received a card in the mail.  I called and, within a couple of weeks, I had money in the bank and the stress off my shoulders.  I did everything online except for the closing, which was in person.


Mary B. “Satisfied Client”

Dayton ~ LIBERTY County TX

I would like to first thank Rodney POWELL for the manner in which he handled the sale of my property. He made the sale and purchase of my land a very positive experience.

His professional and personal manner assured me that all legal matters were being handled properly.  All my questions were answered to my satisfaction.  All our business transactions and the necessary paperwork were done long distance and everything was completed in a timely manner.

I highly recommend Rodney POWELL as a very reliable an honest real estate representative to anyone.


Humble ~ HARRIS County TX

Rodney first sent us a postcard and I didn’t immediately respond because I thought it was just another piece of junk mail ! Turned out, it was beneficial to both parties !

I was favorably impressed with the professionalism and demeanor of Mr. POWELL.  He was a no‑nonsense type of fellow, yet personable in his dealings with us through the whole process.

He wasn’t successful the first time an offer was made on the property, but that didn’t stop him.  Just a short time later, he alerted us of another offer, and that one was successful !

The business of handling all the paperwork was painless, swift, and thorough !  I would recommend his agency to anyone interested in dealing with a professional Realtor.


Woodhollow ~ LIBERTY County TX

Due to our dissatisfaction with a former Realtor, my husband and I hired Rodney POWELL without any prior knowledge of his capabilities.

Within a very brief period of time, we were able to sell three vacant lots located at Ridgelake Shores due to Rodney’s professional skills.

Throughout the numerous negotiations and transaction closings, Rodney maintained constant and efficient communication, despite the distance between the properties and our residence.

Without a doubt, Rodney POWELL willingly goes “the extra mile” for his clients and results are obtained.


Ridgelake Shores ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

When my wife and I decided not to build in King Oaks, we expected that selling our property would be a long, drawn out process that would end with us selling the property for next to nothing.

When I initially called Rodney POWELL, all I knew about him was what was written on his postcard advertisement.  After that first call, however, I felt much more confident.

Our next phone call was even more reassuring.  Rodney laid out a logical plan for selling the property and, as we expected, counseled patience.

A few months later, he called to say we had a potential buyer.  That was a very pleasant surprise.  He led us through the sales process with sound advice and we were able to come to an agreement on a great price.

I would not hesitate to recommend Rodney POWELL to handle any real estate transaction.  He is personable, honest, and effective.


King Oaks ~ GRIMES County TX

I had a property I needed to sell, so I looked online for agents that specialize in selling land. The first agent that came up was Rodney POWELL.  He said he would look at it and let me know.

He called me back the next day and put it on the market.  It sold in three days and he was able to get me full asking price.

Mr POWELL is very professional and took care of everything, from start to finish.

Yvonne FREED

Plantersville ~ GRIMES County TX

Excellent service and professionalism by Mr. Rodney POWELL.

Rodney was sincere and helpful from beginning to end.  Just the type of person you need to help you sell property that is a lot.

He was flexible with timing and always available when I had any questions.  Rodney gave me his honest view and knowledge about market values surrounding my lot, which helped me make an informed decision.

Would definitely recommend Rodney POWELL to help you sell your property.

Tien LE

Saddle Creek Forest ~ GRIMES County TX

Rodney is one of the most thorough, knowledgeable and professional real estate agents I have ever worked with. The agent I had utilized previously was unable to find a good buyer after several months of listing the property.

Rodney was able to secure a sale quickly and at a price that exceeded my expectations.  And, he communicated with me routinely throughout the process to keep me aware of his progress.


Cleveland ~ LIBERTY County TX

Rodney helped us with the sale of our Clear Creek Forest lot in early 2015. We were very pleased with both the sales price and the quickness with which it sold.

Other agents approached us, but Rodney seemed the most knowledgeable and willing to work to get it sold.

He quickly inspected the lot, pointed out some problems which he helped remedy, and suggested an opening sales price ( higher than other agents suggested ).  It sold in a matter of weeks for the price we asked.

All went very smoothly.  We would recommend Rodney without qualification.


Clear Creek Forest ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

My husband and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. We owned a property in a remote gated community in Texas and had listed it with several other agents prior to finding Rodney.

Rodney actually reached out to us and we talked.  I explained my expectations to him.

We were eager to sell and received multiple offers, but Rodney’s advice to us proved to be right-on.  We recently sold our property for a profit.

During the closing, I was in Phoenix and my husband was working in yet another state !  The closing was made simple and seamless to us both.

Where other agents did not communicate, Rodney was always available to answer our questions and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, sell our property !

I wish he worked in every state, because I would call him for any property I needed to buy or sell.

Paula PIGG

Columbia Lakes ~ BRAZORIA County TX

I am responsible for a family estate trust with property in Texas ‑‑ a challenge, as I live on the west coast. I had been receiving interesting ( and entertaining ) postcards from Rodney for a few years.

The time came I needed to sell * SIX * unimproved lots located in a “rough” neighborhood.  I contacted a real estate office that I previously used.  They would not advertise the lots, nor mention them on their web site; they only wanted drive-by contacts.  Time to think outside the box !

Rodney’s postcards came to mind ‑‑ he REALLY thought outside the box with his advertising !  I did not want to list the lots; I wanted to sell them.  I decided to exercise the wisdom of someone who specialized in selling vacant properties.

I contacted Rodney and, within three months, all six lots sold for 30% more than the previous real estate company had listed them.

After working through * SIX * transactions together, I know better than anyone that Rodney is committed to protecting my interests.  We navigated latent title issues and other challenges facing family trusts.

We’ve had a GREAT working relationship.  With more land, in other Texas locations, I will be listing with Rodney again ‑‑ and I look forward to working with him again.

Lynnette DOWNEY

Crosby ~ HARRIS County TX

Rodney was the right guy to help us sell some acreage we inherited last year. Even though I am a real estate broker, I knew that Rodney was much more familiar with that market area and it just made sense to let him handle the listing and sale.

I’ve worked with many real estate agents over the years and my advice to other buyers and sellers is that the process runs smoothly when you use someone like Rodney who is professional, ethical, courteous, and knowledgeable.

We could not have been more satisfied with his service.


Plantersville ~ GRIMES County TX

Rodney POWELL understands that communication is key to meet the needs of the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. We used his services recently to list a “difficult-to-sell”

Rodney did his homework to have an understanding of our property location and provide a realistic expectation of the market value based on the area sales history.

As a professional, he worked diligently to successfully sell our real estate at a higher price than expected.

I would recommend Rodney POWELL to my friends and family.  He honestly works hard and keeps his word, which is very refreshing.


Wildwood Shores ~ WALKER County TX

I would like to thank Mr. POWELL for his help in selling my parents’ property. I was given real estate power-of-attorney to handle this transaction, but without Mr. POWELL’s assistance, it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.

He took the time to understand my parents’ physical inability to be present for the extensive paperwork and our desire to procure the best sales price to aid in their medical bills.

Within a month, we had an aggressive full-price offer, and it wasn’t the only offer !!!  …

All of these issues were expertly handled by Mr. POWELL to minimize the stress on my parents and myself, which was greatly appreciated.  I would not hesitate to call him again, should the need arise.

Thank you for all your help and expert advice.

Dr. Kathy MARTIN

Sendera Ranch ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

It was a pleasure to list our property with POWELL Real Estate. We owned five acres for over thirty years and currently live in Pennsylvania.  We were unsure how to list and sell our land.

After contacting POWELL Real Estate, an open line of communication became available to us.  Rodney was very accessible while listing and selling our property.

We were very impressed by his quick listing and sale of the property.  Even though we were out of the state, there was no problem with any paperwork.  Everything was available to us via email and phone communication.  The title company we dealt with was very professional and efficient, which resulted in a very smooth transaction.

We highly recommend POWELL Real Estate for the listing and sale of property in a swift, efficient, and professional manner.

Gregory & Rosanne GRIFFIN

Cut & Shoot ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

POWELL exceeded my expectations on the sale of my lakefront lot on Lake Houston.

Rodney was able to establish the market value on this one-of-a-kind property, and made the sale at the top-end of the value.

Rodney was also able to sell the property in a matter of weeks, when I expected it would take months.

I would recommend Rodney to anyone wanting to sell an undeveloped property.


Huffman ~ HARRIS County TX

I am very pleased with the professional help Rodney gave me last year. I owned some property which was appraised for less than the mortgage balance.

With his expertise, we quickly found a buyer for my asking price and he handled all the paperwork involved, which was a huge relief for me, since I do not live in Texas.

I appreciate his advice to not except the first offer, which was too low.  The whole process, from listing to closing, took less than two months.

I highly recommend Rodney for his experience and wisdom in real estate matters.

Joan M

The Island at Grand Harbor ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

Hi Rodney,

It was a pleasure working with you.  You took the time to listen to our concerns, but most of all, you took the time to explain to us the condition of the current market and the variables that were at play.

Though we did not know you at all, your professionalism gave us the confidence to trust you with the sale of our property.

Here is wishing you more power and the best of luck in your real estate business.

Maria CRUZ

Saddle Creek Forest ~ GRIMES County TX

Rodney has been so easy and convenient to work with. He is extremely professional and organized. I am also impressed with his timely responses when I contact him with any questions.
I had multiple properties for years that I could not get rid of. Rodney got every last one of them sold at, or above, the asking price in most cases.
I recommend Rodney without any reservations whatsoever.

Dr. Brandon BONDS


Rodney continually demonstrates a high level of professionalism, combined with strong market knowledge.

His proactive approach and strong communication skills were truly instrumental in the marketing success of my property … with total follow-through as the transaction was finalized.

Given the opportunity, I’ll partner with Rodney on future properties.


Saddle Creek Forest ~ WALLER County TX

Rodney POWELL was very helpful in the sale of my property in Texas ! He was honest with me about the property values and kept in contact with me about the progress of my sale.

He helped tremendously when I decided to accept an offer.  The paperwork went smoothly with his help, and that was especially important since I live in Michigan !

Thank you Mr. Rodney POWELL for your help !

Dr. Andrew HANKINS

Suncreek Estates ~ BRAZORIA County TX


I could not have been more pleased with your performance.  It was evident from the beginning that you were acting in my best interest.

You kept me informed of the progress in an honest manner that made trust effortless.  The overall outcome could easily have been half if I had chosen someone else.

Thank you for making this endeavor successful and rewarding.


Dobbin-Huffsmith ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

We responded to a mail-out from Mr. POWELL indicating he had been working with other Wildwood Shores owners to sell their properties. We had previously listed our lot with another Realtor and had gotten no response at all.

Mr. POWELL assured us that he would actively promote the sale of our property.  He encouraged us not to drop the price as much as we were thinking and then delivered exactly what he promised.

We can’t thank him enough for his trustworthy handling of our real estate.

Ken & Roxanne SEHOLM

Wildwood Shores ~ WALKER County TX

Rodney POWELL helped sell a lake lot for me and provided information about the property that was very important in order to sell.

Rodney’s knowledge about the real estate market made me comfortable and calm during the transaction.

I would recommend Rodney to anyone looking to sell or buy property.


Paradise Point ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

Rodney was great to work with in selling our TWO lots in Saddle Creek Forest. He kept an open line of communication throughout the entire process and did exactly as he said he would.

We had previously listed the lots with another Realtor and did not have anyone even look at the lots.  Rodney was able to not only generate interest in the property, but also sold the property for the listed price.

The closing process was smooth and painless and was done on time.  I would highly recommend using Rodney for your real estate needs.


Saddle Creek Forest ~ GRIMES County TX

I had an undeveloped lot next to a water tower that I tried to sell on THREE different occasions with TWO different Realtors with no success. When I went back to the first Realtor to check on the progress I was told the agent had left and they had no record of my property.  …

I heard about POWELL Real Estate and one of their specialties was undeveloped land.  I called Rodney, gave him the location, and he called me letting me know he wanted to list it.  Soon, he said he had an interested buyer.  Shortly, the call came that he had a contract.  The sale went through and it was hassle-free.

I am very glad I made the phone call to POWELL Real Estate.

Warren MEYER

Lake Shadows ~ HARRIS County TX

We bought a 1.5 acre lot for retirement, but then made other plans. The lot stayed vacant for years.

Once we contacted Rodney POWELL, he got the lot sold in one month at a better price than our asking price.

Rodney was professional, hard-working, and knowledgeable of the real estate market throughout the process.


Savannah Plantation ~ BRAZORIA County TX

Thank you for working so hard in order to sell my property. I appreciate your honesty and integrity.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result  ( DOUBLE MY ASKING PRICE ).  I would recommend you to anyone.

Nancy K.

Midway ~ MADISON County TX

I really want to thank you for the easy transaction and services you offered in order to procure my lot / land.

You were very honest since day one and you make the entire process super-friendly and easy.

I really appreciate you for your prompt help and attention to all the details throughout the contract negotiation


Lake Conroe Hills ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

We contacted POWELL Real Estate for help selling our lots at Wildwood Shores.

We had our lots listed with another agent in the area for an extended period of time with no results.

Rodney was great to work with !  He gave us an honest appraisal of the value of our lots and we had an offer much faster than we expected.

My husband and I would highly recommend POWELL Real Estate.


Wildwood Shores ~ WALKER County TX

Years ago, I offered my property for sale through a different Realtor. She wanted me to do all the leg work, including installing the “For Sale” sign on the property.

Recently, I decided to offer it for sale again.  I received several notices from Rodney, offering to be my representative in the sale.

Finally, after much contemplation, I talked with him.  All it took was one conversation and I knew that he was the right person for the job.

Rodney did an excellent job of keeping me informed during the entire process.  We discussed any potential issues and snags as they occurred, exchanging calls several times a day to achieve a resolution.

He kept me thoroughly abreast of the progress and occasional hold-ups that we encountered.  I was never in the dark or uninformed during the entire process.

I have other properties that I may sell in the future, and you can believe that Rodney will be offered the opportunity to be my representative !  I am thoroughly happy with the services he provided and the outcome of the sale.


McGee Place ~ HARRIS County TX

Rodney POWELL really made my transaction seamless. I live out of the area and could not make the time to come to town to handle the transaction, so Mr. POWELL handled everything for me.

Mr. POWELL explained how the process would work and made me feel at ease about selling my property through his company.  The price my property sold was even the amount that I wanted.

I would definitely use POWELL Real Estate again to sell another property.

Gordan TRUONG, Esq.

Champion Pines ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

I met Rodney through a postcard from the mail. Immediately after I spoke to him on the phone, I felt that I could trust him without meeting him face-to-face.

He’s very professional, honest, and thorough.  He sold my lot in a very short period of time and got me the best deal possible.

I highly recommend him and would use his service again in the future if needed.


Lake Conroe Hills ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

Rodney … just wanted to express our deep appreciation for the way you handled our property. You were professional, competent, and diligent.  I really appreciated your patience with working with SIX clients in one sale.

I have, and will, recommend you to my friends.  Thank you,


Canal City ~ GALVESTON County TX

My wife and I were delighted with Rodney’s help in selling our property.  We had tried unsuccessfully more than once, but Rodney was able to make it happen !


Saddle Creek Forest ~ WALLER County TX

When I wished to sell our lot at Wildwood Shores on Lake Conroe, I wasn’t sure where to start. Wildwood Shores is a remote gated community.  I was fortunate to find POWELL Real Estate.

Rodney was knowledgeable of the area and the development.  He advised me of the market and listed the property.  He quickly found a buyer and set up a remote closing that went off smoothly and easily.

I would highly recommend Rodney POWELL.

William FINK

Wildwood Shores ~ WALKER County TX

I used POWELL Real Estate to sell my lot on Bolivar Peninsula at Canal City.

I live out of state.  Rodney told me I wouldn’t need to travel, he would take care of all the details, and he did.  The price, the paperwork, the closing, the final payments, were all taken care of very professionally.  If I did have questions, I got answers in a timely manner.  The experience was quick and hassle-free.

I would use POWELL Real Estate again without hesitation.

Charles WOOD

Canal City ~ GALVESTON County TX

In 2015, I had a great experience with Rodney … using his services as a real estate agent, helping me buy and sell a property.

I highly recommend him to sell or buy a property … what a good guy.

Amilcar McCUMBER

Missouri City ~ FORT BEND County TX

It is our pleasure to recommend Mr. Rodney POWELL to anyone have the need of a real estate broker.

My sister and I had an out-of-state relationship with Mr. POWELL  We had not met him, never face-to-face; however, we could not have been more pleased with the service he gave us long distance in the handling and selling of our property in Montgomery, Texas.

He was professional, courteous, efficient, intent, and honest.  He gave 100% effort for us.

We were very happy with his work and would not hesitate to ask for his help in any future real estate venture.

Barbara & Grace WIGGINS

Big Oak Estates ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

Rodney was great in helping me sell my property in a very challenging location. The property had been listed previously with little to no bites.  I had given-up on selling it.

Rodney was able to step-in and generate interest within a short time frame.  I was able to finally sell the property right before my wedding !  What a great honeymoon gift !

Thanks Rodney



We were already burdened with an unwanted lot – we sure didn’t want to be burdened with the trouble of selling it.

POWELL Real Estate took care of everything, and it was all handled either through email or by telephone.  The only time we had to physically do anything was to sign the sales paperwork !

Glenn & Janet HART

La Salle Crossing ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

Rodney POWELL is a wonderful Christian to have dealt with for selling our properties in the Houston area … even if we are hundreds of miles away from Houston and never met Mr. POWELL face-to-face.

The conversations were very informative and explanation of the hurdles of selling not just one, but two.

He was great, even when faced with the difficulty of selling property with no running water, septic, or electric hook up.

One week later we got a bid on the properties … a few days later we got a second bid.  It took less than a month to sell both properties.  I was truly surprised.

Mr. & Mrs. Curtis HOLCOMB

Houston ~ HARRIS County TX

We had TWO real estate transactions with Rodney POWELL. In each of these transactions we found Rodney to be honest, reliable, and very knowledgeable of market conditions.

Both of our transactions closed in a timely manner – and, best of all, there were no “surprises” of any kind.

Dallas & Kathy DEAN

The Village at High Meadow ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

In 2015, I decided to sell two vacant lots that I owned in the Crosby / Huffman area. I live in the Temple TX area and knew I would need to have someone more local to the vicinity of the lots to handle the marketing and transactions.  I had previously received a postcard from Rodney POWELL, so I decided to give him a call.

These lots were NOT in the most desirable subdivision, but due to Rodney’s continued efforts and marketing, I was able to get them sold within a few months.

Also, I was able to remotely handle the offers, sale, and closing from my home in Temple.  I never had to leave the house.

And the best part … he actually got me a few dollars more than I thought the lots could bring !

…  I would recommend Rodney in a heartbeat !


Happy Hide a Way ~ HARRIS County TX

Very pleased with the professionalism and hard work of POWELL Real Estate.

One of the parcels of land was a BIG challenge and I did not think he could get a good price, but he did.  He listed and sold my properties for maximum amounts, which was more than I expected.


Deloris TURNER

Brenham & Chappell Hill ~ WASHINGTON County TX

We got a card in the mail from Mr. POWELL. Best choice we made.

Mr. POWELL is very professional … very knowledgeable about selling land … handles problems very well … and has shown us the utmost respect … would use him again in a heartbeat.

John & Denise McCOMB

Dayton ~ LIBERTY County TX

Start to finish was very smooth with POWELL Real Estate.

We purchased some land out at Point Blank, Texas, and it will be our retirement location.  Rodney kept us updated throughout the process.

Being new to the land purchase process, we were skeptical; but, with his help, it was a breeze.  Never had to leave our home after we found the property.  We handled everything online and over the phone.

I would highly recommend Rodney POWELL for your next property purchase.


Point Blank ~ SAN JACINTO County TX

Rodney succeeded where all others failed. I had land that I acquired in a Houston-area tax sale.  As you can imagine, the land had little value and was located in an undeveloped area.

I listed the property with several Houston-area Realtors, but only received two offers in five years.  Most Realtors thought so little of the property that they rarely would call me to renew the listing.

Rodney contacted me via a letter and described my situation to a tee … finally, someone who knew exactly what I was going through trying to sell my property.  He not only addressed all my concerns, but advised me about the condition of the property as well and got me in contact with someone for property management.

Within about three or four months, I began receiving legitimate offers on my land that were near my asking price.   Rodney got the job done !


Houston ~ HARRIS County TX

After trying several times to sell my property in Conroe, a flyer came in the mail from Rodney POWELL. The flyer advertised that he was number ONE in selling land.  I gave him a chance and a few months later it SOLD !

Rodney also represented the Buyer and Seller and was extremely fair for BOTH parties.  I am highly recommending Rodney POWELL for any of your real estate needs.



I contacted Rodney from California to sell my lot in Texas. I had never met him, but had a referral.

He sold my lot within a week.  He made it easy and kept in contact with me.

I recommend POWELL Real Estate highly.

Caroline ELFVING

Waterwood Country Club Estates ~ SAN JACINTO County TX

It started with a postcard we received in the mail about an agent selling lots. I contacted Rodney and had been impressed by his detailed explanation and how prompt he returned our calls.

We did list our lots with him.  He kept us updated every step of the way.  He sold the lots for us ‑‑ and neither were easy transactions.

We were very pleased with Rodney … from across the country … and would highly recommend him to anyone.


Houston ~ HARRIS County TX

It has been a real pleasure dealing with Rodney – finding a GREAT piece of property at a reasonable price.

I have not met Rodney face-to-face, but I feel like I have known him for years.  He is very professional at what he does, and I’m very satisfied on everything.  Would highly recommend him.


Peach Creek Estates ~ SAN JACINTO County TX

Rodney ‑‑ Thank you very much for your professionalism in handling our recent land transaction

I realize it wasn’t a “big deal,” but I want to let you know that we appreciated the superior service and frequent communication that you provided throughout the process.

Chuck & Chris BARRIER

Pinebrook ~ GRIMES County TX

Rodney was very thorough in evaluating my property for sale and setting a value that allowed it to sell quickly. You will find him very responsive to your calls and in answering questions.

He was great to work with !!


Spicewood Beach ~ BURNET County TX

Rodney POWELL assisted my wife and I with the sale of our Bentwater lot. …

Rodney was instrumental in making good sound suggestions that resulted in a quick sale for an excellent price.

He was helpful throughout the process, and we recommend him highly in similar transactions.

Mike McCOY

Bentwater ~ MONTGOMERY County TX

Rodney – thanks again for all your help with purchasing my lot in Canal City.

Your knowledge of the area, combined with your professionalism, made this a very smooth transaction.  I would definitely use your services again.


Canal City ~ GALVESTON County TX

When I received your invitation card inviting me to consider selling my unimproved lot, I was at first a bit skeptical. Let me explain, please.  A real estate agent in that part of the county had contacted me about a year or so previously.  She was representing someone in that area who was interested in buying the lot to be used as an adjacent property on which he supposedly wanted to keep the tree line, and to further gain additional space between his family and the adjoining neighbors space.

I knew of course what the county tax assessment valued the land at, and the short story is that they threw a very low ball offer in my direction.  The Realtor tried to convince me that the county valuation might be high, and that she considered the offer to be equitable because of recent sales in that area location.  Something didn’t seem right to me, and I never really felt comfortable with her explanations.

When I contacted you to inquire about your service, I was pleasantly surprised at how you identified yourself; how you explained your position and background, and the presentation that you gave about the real estate service which could be provided to help me sell my property.  When I agreed to employ your service to sell my lot, I received the “Unimproved Property Contract” from you along with the expected exclusive listing agreement and other information about Brokerage Services.  Your instructions for completion and submittal were very clear.  I had a friend of mine who sells mid-upper level properties review the contract, and all legal verbiage was in the proper order.

Because we had to deal with the unexpected problem of “property encroachment” by the adjacent land owner, you were able to give me quite sound advice and a well-seasoned opinion as to how I should proceed.  All-in-all, after some short delay, I was able to follow your advice and move forward at a good price point for the eventual final sale of the land.

I always valued your advice and, more importantly, I never felt uncomfortable with your suggestions. Your office made the closing arrangement with the title company a pleasant experience.

I wish you continued success in helping others sell their unimproved land plots as you continue to serve folks across our multi-county area.

Robert HAYS

Huffman ~ HARRIS County TX

We are grateful for Rodney POWELL selling our property. His professionalism gave us confidence in him.

Rodney’s knowledge of the market and persistence paid off for us.  We appreciated him even following up on the paper work to close.

Others tried.  Rodney succeeded.

Doug & Dawna KUHN

Wildwood Shores ~ WALKER County TX

We just sold our lot in Lago Vista Texas. We used two other Realtors previously with no success.  Rodney reached out to us to see if he could help and he did great.  Sold the lot in a short time.

Rodney was always responsive and patient, including late evenings.  No matter how many questions we asked !

He instructed us in the negotiation phase and helped us understand the local market.

Thank you for your help

Dave & Amy WELLS

Country Club Estates ~ TRAVIS County TX


Travis and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the work you did selling our land, despite the roadblocks.

We would certainly recommend your services, should we know anyone buying or selling land in the area..

Thank you so much for all your help.

Travis & Kathy ERWIN … satisfied customers

West Magnolia Forest ~ GRIMES County TX

Rodney delivered on everything he said he would do.

Most importantly, he sold the property.


Mystic Shores ~ COMAL County TX